Message from da Commish – March 2013

A new setof pins for opening day!

Court at 83 Douglass will open on Sunday, April 7 th.  Summer hours prevail. 3 PM on Sundays and 5 Pm on Thursdays.

 Remember we play to the left after the first two wickets. Stanaslofsky fans are foaming at the mouth.
8:10 pm
Out of bounds rule is still under consideration. G. Murata ( head of the rules committee) will present the options as soon as the spring fishing season calms down.
J. Snow showed up today and hit one or two shots before the Commish threw him off the court.

Still thinking about a possible match between the southern members of the club and the homies. Three players each team playing three ball. What a match that would be.

 Dates for annual tournament forthcoming.

 Yours in croquet… Bent Wicket.