2012 Tournament

How does one capture the aura of the 5th Annual Keene Croquet and Hunt Club Tournament? 

Thanks to all that brought food and snacks.
S. Murata for the great stew and bean dish; L. Weldon for the great coffee, both days; G. Goodeve for the apple pie; R. Snow for the sweet bread; Kylie for the pumpkin whopee pies; If I missed someone, I am sorry.

Fire tending:
Dave Nihill on saturday and Ben on Sunday… Thanks to S. Murata for controlling Ben before he set the house on fire. Nice to have the warmth and of course the smoke was appreciated by the croquet players.

Illegal immigrats from Ma & Ny state: regular club members who play twice weekly, all season, won nothing. I repeat, nothing. This issue will be taken under advisement.

Legend Status:
E. Arnold appears to have reached this level in the clubs annals. If he practiced he could possibly do better. Did not enter the course record or accuracy events this year for fear of reprisals from club members. Nothing worse than being beaten into submission by croquet mallets.

Thanks to those who went out of their way to uphold the clubs tournament dress code. Special note to L. Weldon and his afgani lobsterman get up; the tuto girl. G. Goodeve; Gabe & Piper for their 1890’s look.

Saturday morning blessing of the balls & ash spreading… Thanks to the folks who showed up… The middle wicket is now known as Henrys wicket. I’m sure flowers will pop up.
A special thanks to B. Griffin for making this reporters day on Sunday by walking down the stone path with the Van Der Graph ( another wacky spelling) trophy held high over his head for winning the sweet hearts with G. Goodeve and then proceeding to use a bullhorn to shout out “Ken Arnold come out of the house with your hands up, this is the police”.


  L. Weldon & J. Snow

  E. Arnold

  E. Arnold & P. Goodeve

Sweetheart winners, G. Goodeve & B. Griffin

Sweetheart Winners

  G. Goodeve & B. Griffin

 Course Record:
  G. Vaughan

   G. Vaughan

 Best Dressed:
    B. Griffin, J. Snow, P. Goodeve, G. Goodeve, L. Weldon, G. Vaughan

 Onward to next years tournament. Usually the second week in October. Keep the date sacred.

Until we meet again… Da Commish

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